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Coming to Town

Meet Sunshine and Wild Flour Bakery

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Stop By and Say Hi!

Hello and welcome to the homepage for Sunshine and Wild Flour Bakery! 

This is a small mobile bakery business that sells at farmer's markets, craft fairs and personally requested events in New York State, and will begin taking custom bakery orders as of January 2024 (read more below). You can always know where the mobile bakery will be traveling to next by clicking on the "Event Schedule" at the top of this page.  Please come out to visit and try the variety of baked goods offered from cookies to cupcakes to muffins and much more! The menu is always changing to keep things exciting!  If you would like to learn more about the business, then please scroll down to the "About Sunshine and Wild Flour Bakery" section below.

Our Baked Goods

Operating under an agreement provided by the New York State Department of Agriculture as a "Home Processor", all baked goods sold are packaged and labelled ahead of each selling event with quality and freshness guarantied. All labels include general ingredient descriptions and allergen alerts for anyone with allergies to nuts, milk, wheat, soy or eggs.  Vegan baked goods and vegan buttercream's are also mixed into the menu regularly. Feel free to ask any questions when you visit! 

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Custom Bakery Orders Information

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As of January 2024, I will begin taking custom baked goods orders, in addition to attending events such as farmers markets and craft fairs with the business.  Stay tuned as I am preparing an additional website tab that will appear above in early January 2024 with a baseline menu and associated pricing.  All orders would require three weeks advance notice.  There is a "Contact Us" tab that you can click above to place orders through in the future or contact me through my work email at:

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About Sunshine and Wild Flour Bakery

You'll get only the best baked goods and service!

Sunshine and Wild Flour Bakery is a dream come true business.  My 

name is Emily Russo, and I am the founder and owner of this small mobile bakery business based out of Oswego County in New York State.  I've been baking for several years for family, friends, coworkers and church coffee hours, but I've never made it a business until now.  Before it was just a hobby that I loved, and now my dream can become my job. I love working with people and talking to them, so when you visit, I will be very friendly because I want everyone to feel welcome and I really hope you enjoy any baked good you try.  Baked goods for me have to be delicious and exciting to look at, and I believe that's shown in the weekly bakery menu that's always changing. So please, come and visit, and enjoy some amazing baked goods! Visit the "Weekly Menu" and "Event Schedule" tabs above to learn more about the weekly menu and where we will be next!

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